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Broadband internet with Get Online is so much more than 'just' a fast connection to the internet - we have a range of ADSL Broadband Services whether you are connecting a single computer at home or a network for your company.

Get Online Broadband access services from just £22 per month!

from just
£22 per

If you already 'know' you need broadband? Why not use our online Broadband Availability Checker to check your BT exchange has been upgraded and your telephone line is compatible.

Also read Why Broadband and Why Us? If you have any questions about broadband see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Keep up-to-date with developments in the broadband marketplace for both ADSL and satellite broadband services - subscribe to our free 'broadband updates' mailing list.

We provide Broadband services using ADSL technology - and now available to over 98% of homes and businesses in the UK. In the near future we will be adding satellite broadband services to allow near 100% UK coverage.

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