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Why Choose Us?

No Long Term Contract - we know people move or may want to change (upgrade!) their service - our contract is just 3 months initially then after that you only need to give 7 days notice. Many 'other' broadband providers still insist and will hold you to a minimum 12-18 month contract!

Great Price - our most popular service (ADSL 500 Solo) is great value at £22 + VAT (£25.85 inc. VAT) per month.

To compare just these first points using the ADSL 500 Solo service:

Monthly Cost
(inc. VAT)
Contract Term
Get Online
BT Yahoo

Details correct January 2004 - if incorrect please contact us.

Free Extras - our service is not a basic 'no frills' package - we give you a free email account (with both webmail and POP3 access plus SMTP for your outgoing mail) plus a free Internet dialup account that is both a useful backup and great if you need to connect to the Internet from another location. Some other ISP's either do not offer or charge extra for these options that we provide free!
Flexible - we allow you to use either an ADSL modem or ADSL router to connect to our service. ADSL routers are typically used where you are connecting multiple computers or a small network but can be used with just a single computer as well often offering better protection and security.
Choice - you can source the ADSL hardware (broadband modem or router) yourself or buy it from us. We do not subsidise the connection or service costs by insisting you buy higher priced hardware from us.
Support - we offer both email and non-premium rate telephone support - some providers only offer email-only support or charge up to £1 per minute for telephone support.
Direct - we are not a 'reseller' of someone else's ADSL broadband service. We get the circuits direct from BT Wholesale so you get the best value for money.
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