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Why Broadband?

Speed - Broadband is much faster than a modem. The base 500Kbit/s service is typically around 8-10 times faster than a normal modem connection and ADSL Broadband services are currently available up to 2 Mbit/s. So surfing the Internet and downloading data is therefore much quicker - saving you time!
Instant Connection - with a modem you can be waiting 10-15 seconds for connection.
Always On - it's a true 24 x 7 access solution (subject to maintenance, downtime and outages etc.). In contrast dialup access normally requires the connection to be initiated each time you want to use it - a dialup service like this would be far more costly and even the 'Anytime' style dialup accounts are still not suitable for 24 x 7 connection.
No Second Line / Busy Tones - the broadband connection 'shares' your telephone line so no need for a second telephone line and no engaged tones when people try to call you when you are on the Internet.
Richer Content - being much faster it opens up a world of new multimedia content that would have been too slow using a modem and the possibility of better quality video & sound.
Fixed Cost - all this for a single monthly charge whether you use it for surfing just a few hours per week or many hours each day
  [All broadband services are supplied subject to 'reasonable' traffic usage quotas as detailed in our Acceptable Usage Policies]
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