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Quick Troubleshooting Guide - Step 3


  • Please re-check your login details - we have seen cases where your operating system or router could lose the settings.
  • Ensure the VPI is 0 and the VCI is 38 (some modems or routers auto-detect this).
  • Ensure the modulation is PPPoA (PPP-over-ATM) / VCMUX.
  • Authentication type should be: CHAP
  • Ensure the username is of the format: dmp-a1111@BROADBAND.DMPRIEST.NET.UK - remember usernames and passwords are 'case sensitive'.
  • Re-enter the password to ensure it is correct.
  • Try reconnecting.

If this does not solve your problem please go to Step 4.

If you find you have to do this frequently (perhaps more than once or twice per month) please contact us and we can get further tests run on your line.

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