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>> Can I host a web server on an ADSL line?

Although 'technically' it is possible to host a web (or other) server on an ADSL connection we would not recommend it for any business critial, heavy usage or important service.

This is mainly for the following reasons:

Performance :
ADSL broadband provides a maximum of 250kbit/s upstream bandwidth (still subject to the normal contention ratios) so performance could be poor if multiple, concurrent remote users or local users were using the broadband connection.
Reliability :
ADSL broadband circuits are a low-cost way of having permanent access to the Internet. They are not provided with a service level agreement / guarantee and are not generally as reliable as normal leased line circuits (although typically a fraction of the price!).

As this would not be a recommended option we cannot provide support for problems or faults occuring from this type of usage.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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