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>> How much is a gigabyte of traffic?

Many people have asked us - how much is one gigabyte of traffic? Well the technical definition is:

Gigabyte: a unit of information equal to one billion (1,073,741,824) bytes or 1024 megabytes.

But it is perhaps more useful to know what you could really do with it:

  • An average web page (including graphics) is about 50 kilobytes in size - so you could download around 20,000 web pages for 1 gigabyte. Or to put it another way an hour of surfing the web would be around 10 megabytes (200 pages) - so you could surf non-stop for about 100 hours for 1 gigabyte.
  • An hour of streamed radio would use about 15-20 megabytes.
  • An hour of streamed video uses around 100-150 megabytes.
  • Playing an online game typically uses about 10-15 megabytes per hour.
  • Emails (excluding any files attachments) are very small - so 100 emails would be just 1 megabyte - or 100,000 emails for 1 gigabyte!
  • A super-high resolution (5-6 megapixel) digital camera JPEG picture or typical MP3 / WMA music file (legally sourced of course!) is about 2-3 megabytes so you could download 350-500 of these images / music files for 1 gigabyte.

Our most popular package (ADSL 500 Solo) gives you 5 gigabytes of traffic per month and less than 5% of accounts exceed this limit.

For more information see Why do you limit the amount of traffic I can use?

If you have any other questions please contact us.

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