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>> I have placed my order - what happens next?

If you have ordered ADSL hardware only please see here.

If you have ordered an ADSL broadband service from us:

  • We will re-check your order using the initial line check to ensure the service you requested is compatible with your BT telephone line and that your local exchange has been upgraded.
  • We will then submit your order to BT to activate your line - they will then do a more detailed line check (see here for details) and either:

    • Accept the order - then give us a line activation date (typically around 5-10 working days from when we received your order)

    • Reject the order if there information on the order was incorrect (i.e. the installation address does not match up against their records) or if there were problems with the line (i.e. quality too low, too far from the exchange etc.)

  • Assuming your order is accepted by BT we will then email you to confirm the line activation date and provide the relevant username / password and other configuration details. If you have ordered ADSL hardware with your ADSL broadband service it will now be shipped to you.
  • Should your order be rejected we will refund your money.

Please contact us if you would like any other update on your order or if you have any questions.

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