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>> What is R-ADSL / rate-adaptive ADSL?

Normal ADSL is 'typically' used where your house or office is less than 3.5km (line length) from the local exchchange.

R-ADSL is a variant of ADSL that increases the maximum distance from your exchange by adjusting the upstream bandwidth based on the quality of the line. RADSL increases the maximum distance supported from 3.5 to around 5.5 kilometres.

This now means that around 90% of houses or offices connected to an ADSL enabled exchange can get a broadband service.

R-ADSL is only available on the 500Kbit/s services and due to the increased circuit length the maximum upstream / upload speed 'may' be lower than a normal ADSL circuit - typically anywhere between 57Kbit/s and 250Kbit/s. The line quality / length 'can' also affect the download speed but the effects are usually less.

Please note that even if your house / office is less than 3.5 kilometres from the BT exchange R-ADSL may still be used if the quality of the line is lower. Lastly please remember that distances quoted are line length not just radial distance from the exchange!

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