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>> Will BT 'Select Services' like Caller Display still work?

Yes. BT have told us that all BT Select Services can be supported on the ordinary phone line - including Call Waiting, Call Return and Caller Display.

However, some customers have said that their Caller Display services have not worked after a broadband installation. On the tests we have done the Caller Display service appears still to work normally but we were unable to test with all combinations of caller display / caller-id systems and microfilters.

We would recommend if you are having a problem with the caller-id facility that you firstly check that you have microfilters on ALL BT sockets on the line that the broadband service was activated for and that the microfilter must be the first device connected with all other devices the connecting into that!

Secondly if you still have problems please:

  • Contact your caller-id hardware supplier
  • Contact BT to verify caller-ID is enabled correctly

Lastly there are different types of splitter / microfilter available - it may be worth trying a different type.

If you have any other questions contact us.

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