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>> What is 'self install'?

When ADSL Broadband services were first available they needed a BT engineer to test the line in your home or office.

Once tested the engineer would test the ASDL equipment they provided with their own equipment to check it worked but they would not actually install anything on your own computer or network.

With advances in installation methods and technology ADSL services are now available as 'self install' or 'plug and play’. In most cases a visit from a BT engineer is not required and you therefore pay a reduced line activation / installation charge. In addition it gives you more flexibility to choose your own ADSL hardware based your requirements, features and price!

The 'physical' installation is typically no more than plugging a small microfilter / splitter into each telephone socket on the same line as used by the ADSL broadband service and then plugging your telephone equipment and ADSL modem (or router) into the sockets on the microfilter.

After that its just a case of installing the drivers and software provided with your ADSL modem and entering your username / password to connect. Basically it should be no more tricky than connecting a normal modem onto your computer and connecting to the Internet.

When choosing suitable equipment for your computer / network please see here or contact us for more information.

For details of the ADSL equipment (routers, modems, microfilters etc.) we can supply see here.

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