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>> What equipment do I need to connect?

You will require an ADSL modem or router (compatible with BT SIN346 - see: to connect your computer / network to the ADSL enabled phone line. In addition you will require appropriate connectivity software and hardware for your computer.

You will also need to use an ADSL microfilter / splitter on each BT phone socket or extension to stop interferences - see here for more information.

The actual computer system requirements vary depending on your choice of ADSL modem or router. ADSL modems normally connect to the computer via a USB port and require device drivers for your chosen operating system. These device drivers are normally provided with the ADSL modem - check with the modems manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your computer system.

ADSL routers typically connect to a computer (or network) using a 10base-T (UTP) Ethernet interface. Your computer will need to run TCP/IP networking software and have a suitable Ethernet interface.

For details of the ADSL equipment (routers, modems, microfilters etc.) we can supply see here.

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