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>> Should I have a firewall?

Absolutely!! We would recommend all Internet users (even using standard dialup access) should have a firewall to protect their computer / network.

As ADSL broadband services are 'always on' it is even more important.

Some ADSL broadband routers use NAT (network address translation) which provides a 'reasonable' level of security from intrusion - others also have specific firewall / port blocking features. We would recommend you check with your router manufacturer and product manual for more details.

If you have an ADSL modem these are typically simpler devices and as such you would normally need to install a software firewall on your computer - there are a wide range of software firewall solutions - the choice will depend on your computer, operating system and specific requirements.

For more details of some other general / security tips please see here. If you have any other questions please contact us.

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