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>> What tests are done on my line?

BT will perform the following tests on your line to check it is compatible with the ADSL service:

  • Line Length - you must be within 6.0km of the exchange for 1 Mbit/s products or 3.5Km for 2 Mbit/s products. Installation on 500 Kbit/s products will now be considered on 'most' lines regardless of length. It should be noted that this is the actual length of the line rather than the physical distance from the exchange as sometimes lines can take non-optimal routes!
  • Line Loss & Capacitance - checks the 'quality' of your line.
  • Whoosh Test - this is only usually done for BT engineer installed products or with 'wires only' installs that seem unstable. It looks at the quality of the line across the entire DSL frequency range.

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