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>> Do I have to have a BT phone ine to get ADSL Broadband?

Yes. ADSL services can currently only be provided over standard BT analogue exchange lines where the exchange has been ADSL enabled by BT, you are not too far from the exchange and the line is of sufficient quality to support ADSL broadband.

Unfortunately if you have digital lines (BT Home / Business Highway, ISDN etc.) these would either have to be converted back to standard analogue or you would need to have an additional standard BT analogue line installed.

ADSL broadband services cannot be provided on lines used for:

  • RedCare / Red ABC
  • Featurenet 5000
  • 30K Loop
  • Private circuits
  • PBX lines
  • BT VideoStream / BT DataStream
  • Pulse / payphone / coinbox metering facilities
  • ISDN (including ISDN2, ISDN30, BT Home / Business Highway)
  • Lines that are 'split' using a DACS unit
  • BT 'In Contact' or light user schemes
  • Lines with outgoing calls barred, temporary lines or low loss lines

ADSL broadband cannot be provided where the lines have been installed over fibre or wireless connection and only one ADSL broadband connection can be provided down a single BT analogue exchange line.

All installations are subject to survey and BT can refuse service due to incompatible products (see above), if the line quality is insufficient and / or the distance from the exchange too great.

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