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Frequently Asked Questions

>> What does ADSL stand for?
>> What is 'contention' or a 'contention ratio'?
>> Do I have to have a BT phone line to get ADSL Broadband?
>> How does ADSL work?
>> What tests are done on my line?
>> What is the minimum contract term?
>> What if I move house / office?
>> What is a microfilter / splitter and why do I need one?
>> Should I have a firewall?
>> Do ADSL services come with a service level agreement?
>> Do you offer satellite broadband services?
>> Can you offer SDSL services?
>> Do I still need to pay BT for the telephone line rental?
>> How long does it take to install?
>> I have ISDN - can I upgrade to ADSL?
>> What equipment do I need to connect?
>> What speed downloads will I get with broadband?
>> I have ADSL at work - can I also use it at home?
>> What is 'self install'?
>> Will BT 'Select Services' like Caller Display still work?
>> What specification of computer is required for broadband?
>> Can I have a static IP address?
>> Why does my phone line 'buzz' when I use broadband?
>> Do you offer wireless broadband services?
>> Why would you need (or want) a static IP address?
>> What is R-ADSL / rate-adaptive ADSL?
>> Is the cost of the phone line rental included in the price?
>> Do you block any ports?
>> Do you limit the amount of traffic I can use?
>> When will I receive my ADSL modem / router?
>> I have placed my order - what happens next?
>> Do you allow P2P (Peer-to-Peer) File Sharing?
>> How much notice do I need to give you for cancellation?
>> Should I change the MTU (maximum transmittable unit)?
>> When do I need to pay my broadband service renewal?
>> How do I make payment for an invoice / renewal?
>> Why do I pay quarterly - can I pay monthly?
>> Do you offer Usenet / Newsgroup (NNTP) access?
>> What is NAT (Network Address Translation / Translator).
>> What else can I do to secure my computer / network?
>> Why do you limit the amount of traffic I can use?
>> What credit cards do you accept?
>> How much is a gigabyte?
>> I currently pay quarterly - can I pay yearly?
>> Can I use your SMTP (outgoing) mail servers from anywhere?
>> Can I host a web server on an ADSL line?
>> How do I factory reset my router?
>> What DNS servers can I use?
>> How can I reduce the spam I receive?
>> Should I use an inactivity timeout?
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