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ADSL 500 Solo
Product Details

Our self-install ADSL service provides fast, 'always on' Internet access to enable you to be in constant touch with family & friends or customers & business partners.

You get a fast (up to 2Mbit/s downstream and 250 Kb/s upstream connection) and the flexibility to source your own ADSL equipment should you wish. This service is designed for higher speed and heavier usage applications than our ADSL 500 Business or ADSL 1000 Business packages.

The ADSL connection can share your standard BT telephone line so no need for a second line and no busy tones when friends / customers are calling you!

Fast download times save you time and enable you to receive information faster and cheaper than via a dial-up connection.

Low-cost activation and affordable monthly cost regardless of the time spent online.

ADSL 2000 Business is a 'self-install' ADSL service aimed at technically-literate small / medium businesses, and heavier-usage home users. Customers are responsible for supplying the appropriate ADSL modem and microfilters (see here for details) although we would be happy to supply appropriate equipment if required - please contact us for details.

All equipment / hardware and services are provided subject to survey and acceptance of both our Acceptable Use Policies and Terms & Conditions.

Key Features
Up to 2000 Kbit/s download
Up to 250 Kbit/s upload
20GB per month traffic quota
Always on connection
Easy self-installation
20:1 contention ratio
Free backup dialup
Free email account
See Why Us for more details

Monthly Charge: £95 + VAT (£111.63 inc.)

Line Activation: £40 + VAT (£47.00 inc.)

All ADSL broadband services are billed quarterly in advance. Also see ADSL Extras for ADSL hardware and additional services you can add to your broadband service.


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ADSL 2000

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